DDoS Protection

Cloud based DDoS protection

Geo distributed Anycast Network

Always On Solution, Real time mitigation

Protection from all attacks on any services

What is a DDOS attack?

DDoS, short for distributed denial-of-service, is a type of cyber-attack that overwhelms and eventually shuts down access to a network, computer, or service. This is most commonly achieved through a technology called a "botnet", which consists of hijacked computers often times located all over the internet. This collective of computers can be used for just about any purpose, they are often deployed in attacks against networks. These attacks are almost impossible to stop without a service designed specifically to mitigate them. This service is baked into our network.

By default we block up 1 million packets per second and/or 10 gigabits of inbound traffic. Upon passing those thresholds we blacklist your IP until the attack is detected finished. For our Enterprise customers we offer the ability to upgrade to unlimited attack protection.

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